The Blimp Pilots

Greg Boswell. Guitar and Vocals.

  Growing up in Northern California, Greg studied classical and jazz music. This has influenced his playing style and lead to playing in bands throughout California, where he developed his guitar and vocal skills. As a singer-songwriter, Greg performed as a solo act throughout the north state during the early 80’s until he landed in San Luis Obispo County as a founding member of Living Proof: a contemporary Christian band during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s who enjoyed success and positive reviews for their original sound performances and recordings. Greg has also played with The Hansen Bishop Band for a number of years and has recorded on several soundtracks and more recently performed on Lori Black’s debut album. Greg also performed on the 2004 Telly Award winning “Rejoice in Yosemite” and doubled on bass for much of his career, freelancing with numerous musicians and groups ranging from country to     classics to jazz. Joining the Blimp Pilots in 2006, Greg added his vocals to Craig’s and found a unique sound in their harmonies. The distinctly differing sounds of Greg and Craig’s playing styles on guitar makes for a musical blend that they have developed into a sound which has Greg’s jazz style complimenting and balancing Craig’s rock blues sound. “It’s always exciting to take an existing piece of music and be a part of turning it into the Blimp Pilot sound”.

Craig Antista,  Vocals. Acoustic & electric guitar. Founder of The Blimp Pilots

  I'm Craig Antista, and like many people my age I became alive musically when I heard the Beatles in the 60's and to this day I am still jacked when I hear "Day Tripper". I have always been one who loves music and in particular, songs that effect me emotionally , regardless of genre. After a couple of moves,  getting married and starting a family I ended up in Paso Robles, Ca.  At this point I began to play the electric  guitar and with a friend, with whom I had a lot in common musically, began toying with the idea of putting a band together. Rick Gordon was his name and man that dude was a great bass player. We added my younger brother Scott on rhythm guitar and on the recommendation from another friend  I tracked down Jimbo Robertson to do the drumming. I knew we had something special when we first started rehearsing because we loved just playing together. The Blimp Pilots were now a band. We played a lot of my original songs and then any other song any of us thought were cool .Every line up of the band has been so much fun for me and I wish they all could have lasted longer than they did but that is just how bands are. Greg ,Dustin ,Billy, and Steve, well  these guys are so good and I am blessed to still be in the Blimp Pilots with these great musicians. I learned long ago to be in a good band you have to work really hard at it and be the worst player in the band. Then you just might have something.

Billy Pope. Keyboard. Vocals.

Bill has been playing keyboards professionally since 1979. Before that, he played at home on his own, perfecting his ability to learn and perform songs. In 1979 he and two of his friends formed Hyde Row and went on a very successful 13 year run of night club, private party etc. run. In 1992 Hyde Row disbanded and Bill played with various acts in the San Joaquin valley until moving to the North County and joining The Verge in 1995. The Verge was primarily an all original band and did various gigs including the Morro Bay Harbor Fest.
Bill helped to found RAIL and that band focused on seldom performed classic rock, blues, funk and soul. RAIL had an 11 year run playing anywhere and every where from the   resort hotels in the Sierra mountains to the wineries on the Central Coast and even opened shows for the Blues Society in SLO. Various attendees at RAIL performances that sat in included Lydia Pence (Cold Blood) and Coleman Head and A.C. Miles both of Fresno fame. Bill plays various keyboard styles and does harmony/back ground vocals with the Blimp Pilots.

Dustin Willis. Born: September 16, 1973 Instrument: Drums.

His love for funk/groove drumming came from the band War. Lonnie Jordan of War would slip into his parent’s coffeehouse in uptown Whittier California & mosey on to the piano and break into some of his amazing hits. ”Slippin into Darkness” was his favorite. If you asked Dustin to compare himself  to any drummer out there it would have to be U2’s drummer Larry Mullen, Jr., Dustin is a pocket player and likes to keep it simple.  His Drumming career has taken him to Mexico City, Germany & Russia. One of his biggest inspirations was his stepdad John Mercado. He was an amazing singer songwriter. He grew up with artists like Bread, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce, Joe Cocker, & Blind Faith. Fast forward to 12 years old and he found himself lying in bed listening to Quiet Riot. I’m now considered a genre roller coaster. My IPod goes from Metallica to Barry Manilow real quick. Through, all the metal days in my teens & 20’s it all lead me back to my roots and what I love the most. That’s why I joined The Blimp Pilots. I really wanted to follow my heart and be honest with my old soul. And that is exactly what this band does for me. I couldn't have asked for a more talented, humble, fun group of guys to play with. Most people ask me why I play with a bunch of older guys… my response, " You obviously haven't heard em”.

Steve. Bass.

Steve has been playing bass professionally in San Luis Obispo County since the late 1970’s.
Steve has honed his skills playing funk, jazz, country and classic rock; and since joining 
The Blimp Pilots has solidified the rhythm section along with Dustin to give The Blimp Pilots 
their definitive sound so many have come to enjoy.